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Protect Your Skin with VISIA® Complexion Analysis
Your unique complexion profile is the first step to optimum complexion health and vitality. Now, through the in-depth VISIA® complexion analysis, Fayetteville and surrounding areas can obtain rejuvenation and skin care programs custom designed for their specific needs.

VISIA can determine your skin’s condition both topically and below the surface. The VISIA system’s multi-spectral imaging and analysis provides a clear, multi-dimensional portrait of the individual aspects of your complexion which contribute to your overall appearance to guide your personalized skin treatment program.

In the quest for a more radiant complexion, knowledge is an invaluable tool. Canfield Scientific has created the VISIA® Complexion Analysis system to provide your skin care specialist with the deepest possible understanding of your skin and the ability to show you just how it will respond to a full range of treatments.

The Six Key Factors: Better Diagnosis Means Better Care
Among the many variables that contribute to the total condition of your complexion, six are critical to choosing the right skin care treatments. VISIA® Complexion Analysis evaluates these factors:

  • wrinkle
  • spots
  • pore size
  • skin tone variations
  • bacterial content
  • UV spots that indicate sun damage

Digital Imaging and Comprehensive Reporting
VISIA® starts with a digital photograph of your face which your doctor can use to document the condition of your skin and evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment options available to you. The system generates comprehensive reports to add to your record and with which to track your progress to a healthier, more youthful looking complexion.

Dr Ojo is a VISIA® Certified Skin Specialist
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